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Brazing is expanding in today’s world of joining technologies! Do you REALLY understand how to braze correctly, using today’s BEST brazing practices? Or, does your company operate only on “TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE” passed along from generation to generation?

There are SEVEN (7) FUNDAMENTAL ITEMS that you and your company MUST master in order to significantly improve your brazing operations so that you can significantly reduce scrap and rework, thus improving your productivity and operational profitability!

Kay & Associates has set up these regionalized Production-Brazing seminars around the country for your convenience so that YOU can learn how to effectively and efficiently implement improvements to your company’s brazing operations.

Thousands of people from around the world (yes, thousands!) have attended one of the many intensive 3-day Kay & Associates Brazing Seminars held during the last 27-years at locations from Hartford to Singapore. Many of the attendees said that it was the best seminar they had EVER attended, on any subject! Thus, a double benefit for them: a great seminar, and close to home, too! See for yourself!

SEMINAR Locations and Dates for remainder of 2023 are:

     Nov. 14-16, 2023     Simsbury, Connecticut  (The Simsbury Inn, Simsbury, CT)


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to register online now, using a credit card, CLICK HERE! 

       OVERNIGHT ROOM RESERVATIONS:  The hotels at which these seminars are held will usually offer to seminar-attendees special, discounted overnight room rates. Therefore, when you register for any of these seminars, please call the hotel to inquire about the special overnight room rates offered, since you cannot obtain these discounted rates by any other means (corporate travel desks and travel agencies will NOT be able to get this rate for you).  Remember, you are responsible for the cost of overnight rooms; they are NOT included in your registration fee. 


     REMEMBER to notify your co-workers, your suppliers, and your customers about these production-brazing seminars --- anyone who needs to understand brazing WILL benefit by attending!  You and they both win when you do this!

Here are just a few typical comments received from attendees at these seminars:

  • "I've attended many seminars on many subjects over the years, but this was the best, and most practical one I have ever attended. I could use the information right away! (Erick B.)"
  • "Dan Kay gave one of the best and most knowledgeable seminars I have ever attended. He was energetic and kept the lessons interesting and fun! (Jeff S.)"
  • "I learned more in 3 days here than I ever have in 2 weeks anywhere else! (Prentice L.)"

You, too, will find the seminars stimulating and enjoyable! So register today for a seminar near you!

Who should attend this seminar?

Anyone who, by their decisions or actions, has an impact on the brazing operations in their plant: owners, managers, design engineers (brazing begins on the "drawing board"), metallurgists, process engineers, shop lead-persons, operators, quality control and inspection personnel, maintenance personnel, salespersons. When you understand the brazing process, you'll be able to help your customers better.

What is the cost of these seminars?

Seminar cost:    $2250 per person

      IMPORTANT NOTE:  Discounts available when more than one person registers together at the same time on the same registration form.

      This fee covers the cost of registration, a spiral-bound seminar book containing all the training-material being presented (including a number of key articles on brazing technology), hand-out materials and quizzes, morning "continental-style" coffee and pastries just prior to the start of each day's program, a hot lunch, afternoon refreshments, and a nice seminar-certificate (suitable for framing).  

      The fee does NOT include overnight rooms, evening meals, transportation, or any other personal expenses.

      See the important Cancellations paragraph below for information about any cancellations of your registration.

Group-registration discounts:

When two (2) or three (3) persons (attending from the SAME company location) register together at the SAME time -- on the SAME registration form -- the seminar fee will be reduced to only $2100/person.  When four (4) or more register TOGETHER on the same form for the same seminar, the price per person will be reduced to only $1995 per person.   OTHERWISE, ANY REGISTRATION FORM THAT IS SUBMITTED FOR ONLY ONE PERSON WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL $2250 PRICE.

You can register by one of several different methods:

You can register ON-LINE using your credit card.

Need to download a hard-copy of the Registration Form?

You can download a hard copy of the Registration Form by clicking here , then fill in all the requested information, scan the Form into your computer, and then e-mail a copy of it to us using the e-mail address shown at the top of the Form  ---  Or you can send the Registration Form to us via the postal system, along with your payment check (made out to Kay & Associates) for the appropriate amount, sending it directly to: Kay & Associates, 4 Lawton Drive, Simsbury, Connecticut USA 06070.

If you wish to download a 5-page, more detailed description of our seminars (including the Registration Form) and a typical class schedule, which you can forward to others as well, click here.

You can also call us and a form can be e-mailed to you if you prefer.

It can't get much easier than that!


Cancellations occurring more than 2-weeks prior to the seminar for which someone is registered will incur a cancellation fee of $250. Cancellations by attendees two weeks prior to seminar will lose one-third of fee; one week prior to seminar will lose one-half the fee, during week of the seminar will lose entire fee.  No-shows lose entire fee. 

     REMEDIES:  To avoid cancellation fees, registrations may be moved to another, identical Kay & Associates seminar being taught at another time during that same year (registrations are not carried over to the following year).  Or, the registrant may wish to have another person attend in his/her place by merely notifying Kay & Associates that the registration is being given to another person from the same company (no costs or fees will be incurred by so doing). 


Brazing - A Great Joining Process for the 21st Century!

Since brazing plays an important part in some of your company’s products, plan to have one or more of your people attend one of the high-powered, three-day (Tues-Thurs) production-brazing seminars being held in 2023. Contact your people today to have them register!  They WILL truly benefit from having attended this program!

These high-powered, 3-day programs cover all the essentials for successful brazing of commercial and aerospace components.  The improvements to brazing operations that have resulted from these seminars have paid for the cost of the seminar many times over at many companies!

Brazing is a unique joining process that has proven to be one of the most versatile methods by which to permanently join many different kinds of metals/non-metals together in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electrical power, petrochemical, etc.

Many people think they know how to braze, but they often don’t really understand why brazing works. It has been proven over the years that when people involved in brazing understood the concepts taught in these seminars and implemented them in their operations, the vast majority of their brazing problems disappeared! Result: higher productivity, lower rework, higher customer satisfaction, and higher profits!

Kay & Associates' high-powered three-day intensive production-brazing seminars cover all the essential elements of brazing in a way that is not only easily understood, but very interesting as well. All seminars run from 8:00 AM until 5 PM each day.

Here are just a few of the things that attendees will learn during the seminar:

  • What are the most common mistakes made in production-brazing today that lead to poor brazements and rejected parts, and how can you avoid those mistakes.
  • How to significantly reduce the cost of your current brazing process, and get a better braze with improved customer satisfaction. Yes, it can be done.
  • How to gain confidence that your brazing process is optimized for your customers’ needs, by knowing which things should and should not be included in your process.
  • What specific things must be included in any inspection process after brazing, and which procedures might strictly be wasteful of your time and money.
  • Which brazing process is best for certain base metals, and why? For example: should you braze in an inert atmosphere, or should you use vacuum, or perhaps torch or induction-brazing? Which is best for different base metals?
  • How does 3-D printing affect the world of brazing?  Can you braze such 3-D printed parts? (yes you can)
  • How can someone use "active metal brazing" to join ceramic materials?
  • How important is fluoride-ion cleaning (FIC) in repair brazing? How should it be used most effectively?
  • Is there a “best way” to build-up worn surfaces for long life?
  • These are just a few of the many topics that will be covered in this intensive 3-day seminar.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered during each Production-Brazing seminar:

  • What is brazing, and why does it work?
  • Metallurgy of brazing
  • Capillary action
  • Joint design
  • Impact of service stresses on strength
  • Atmospheres (vacuum, and gaseous: hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, etc.)
  • Brazing filler metals (BFM)
  • Furnace brazing: vacuum, belt, and retort
  • Torch brazing
  • Induction brazing
  • Resistance brazing
  • Preparation of parts for brazing
  • Fluoride ion cleaning (FIC)
  • Repair brazing and surface build-up
  • Honeycomb brazing
  • Assembling and fixturing parts the right way -- highly important!
  • Thermocouples
  • Joining ceramic materials to themselves or to metals
  • Distortion control
  • Optimal brazing cycles
  • Quality control and inspection in brazing


Instructor: Dan Kay (BMetEng, MBA) has operated his own brazing consulting company for more than 25-years, and has been involved full-time in brazing for more than 50-years, teaching brazing-training courses throughout that entire time period. He received his Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his MBA from Michigan State University. He has spent many years in the brazing industry not only teaching brazing-training seminars, but also running several brazing-processing plants around this country,  Dan also spent much time in the field helping customers solve their brazing problems. Whatever method of brazing you are using (torch, induction, resistance, or furnace), you will find that Dan will provide key information and help that you will be able to quickly apply in your operations to increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs.


Dan Kay's Biography

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