"Expert Witness" Legal Services

courtWhen you need "expert witness" help for any legal case involving brazing operations, you need to be able to call someone who not only has lots of effective hands-on brazing experience and knowledge but someone who has also had experience in working with attorneys in developing legal cases involving brazing. You need someone who can answer brazing questions clearly and reliably.....

.....Someone who can, on short notice, fly to your plant or office, if needed, to do on-site problem solving and case development with you, and to do it at a reasonable cost.

I have been actively working in the field of brazing for more than 50-years, have taught brazing seminars for five decades, and have worked with numerous attorneys in legal cases involving brazing!

Call to discuss your needs and how Kay & Associates can help you (quotes are based on hourly rates or longer-term retainer rates).

For more information or to schedule our first meeting please call us at (860) 431-0093 or CONTACT US today.

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