Our Team

We have the top engineers in the industry with over 100 years of combined experience in hands on brazing.  Contact us to optimize your brazing today.

Dan Kay

Braze Instructor & Consultant

Mike Graham

Chief Technology Officer

Warren Miglietti Ph.D.

Principal Engineer

James Bush

Applications Specialist

Chuck Fuerstenau

Applications Specialist

Creed Darling

Applications Specialist

Prince & Izant Company
Prince & Izant Company

Prince & Izant Company

We are a full-service manufacturer of brazing alloys and high-purity medical materials committed to providing solutions and engineered materials.

“The metal joining industry has a profound respect for Dan, and we owe him gratitude and recognition for his knowledge, education, and contributions to our industry personnel. P&I was especially honored that Dan chose us as the best partner to continue his legacy of brazing education. We [P&I] have focused on building the industry’s best technical team to expand upon our world-class customer experience.”

P&I CEO Matt Brandenburg

Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, P&I provides brazing alloys and high-purity precious metals in various forms (rings, wire, rod, strip, washers, discs, paste, amongst others), delivering high-quality products for critical and demanding applications. We are a solution-driven and customer-centric business, differentiated by our dedication and commitment to provide our customers the highest quality products and solutions with world-class service and lead times.

Onsite or virtual brazing consultations.

Problem solve and improve processes with our technical experts.