Brazing-Drawing Challenge

Shown in Fig. 1 is a drawing of an aluminum part that is to be vacuum-brazed. Are all the drawing callouts correct from a brazing perspective? Please examine the drawing carefully, and see if you can correctly find seven (7) things that are wrong with that assembly drawing. You’ll find things in the procedure-notes, and perhaps in the design itself. Send your list of “findings” to dan.kay (at) A description of each of these seven items will be discussed in detail in next month’s article (“Brazing-Drawing Challenge, Part 2) so that you can see what I strongly recommend that you should NOT do when vacuum brazing aluminum parts.

If you have attended one of my intensive 3-day brazing-training seminars, then you should be able to locate all of the mistakes. But if you haven’t attended one of my programs, then I hope you’ll find this to be an interesting challenge for you.

The person who is the first to correctly identify the “problems” in this assembly-drawing will be recognized personally in this column next month, and will also qualify for a 10% discount on a seminar-registration (that’s worth more than US$ 195) for themselves (or for one of their fellow workers at the same work-location) to attend either one of my two (2) brazing training seminars this fall in either Spartanburg, South Carolina (Oct.1-3) or in Simsbury, Connecticut (Nov. 9-11).

Fig. 1 Drawing of an aluminum part that is to be vacuum-brazed

Fig. 1 Drawing of an aluminum part that is to be vacuum-brazed


This drawing was produced by a friend of mine in the brazing world, with the intent of purposely including a number of the design-errors that are often found in brazing drawings today. He made this drawing and sent it to me so that I could use it in my training classes to illustrate a number of the misconceptions that people have about brazing. See what you can find in this drawing that is not correct or that is not good for brazing, and let me know what you find. Remember, it’s the FIRST person who gives me a correct list of drawing-errors that will win this brazing-challenge!

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